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Super Isaiah!

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Is this primary enough for ya? :) This is my super son, Isaiah (or Zay as he's called more often). The Groucho glasses were actually left over from our wedding 15+ years ago and the mustache disappeared. That's okay, though, since Zay is too young to be growing facial hair anyway. ;)


I started this LO for the Saturday Color Challenge, but started over a bazillion times. It's still not exactly what I was hoping for, but I learned a lot by doing it so, for today, it's good enough. I even made my own brush (thanks Mastering Brushes eBook)! So I posting it to both the Color Challenge and the High Noon Challenge because no one said I couldn't. And you both inspired me.


So, the only thing I used that wasn't already mine was the Scrap Simple Tools Styles 14K Gold. I made the starbursts with the polygonal tool and used the plastic wrap filter to make them "shiny". And, of course, the border is a stroke at 50 px. I just can't seem to help myself.


The brush words are:

Faster than a speeding punchline!

Able to leap toy buildings in a single bound!

Have you heard the one about my aunt Brenda?

Beware of the broccoli!

Up, Up and Go Play!


The text under the photo reads "Disguised as a young Groucho Marx"


Thanks for keeping me thinking, girls!


P.S. Just noticed a typo in my brush. Oh well. Back to the drawing board. :)

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Cute photo. He's a great looking guy. You've used some nice bright colors. So clever doing one layout for two challenges.

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You're page jumped out at me in the gallery-that photo is fantasitc. So much personality!

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