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Erin at work (for Erin/Chickypow)

I have no idea if Erin is actually in that particular plane, forgot to ask...

But it makes for such a good title!


Papers and stitches are from Theresa Kavouras' "Spring to Life" here at ScrapGirls

Alpha is Katie Pertiet's "With Wings Alpha" and swirls are her "On the edge flourishes" from DesignerDigitals

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Guest siraacsa

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LOL, I hope she is too. Erin the Red Baron. Great work Thess.

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Ah! Awesome! I had NO idea what to do with these photos! I tried scrapping them a few times and nothing worked! I love it! I actually WAS in that plane at the time, though I'm usually not. I love how you used blue to match the sky, I always tried to match the reds in the photo and it never worked. This is perfect!

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What a fun layout. I love the monochromatic feel and the way that you've layered those wings behind the E. Reminiscent of a person with wings--at least to me. :)

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Love the composition here - really eye catching! Theresa's blue paper is the perfect match to the photos! Great work!

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