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Just Emma

Just Emma

Another one of the triplets, Emma is the smart one and eager to please.

Page Kit: Pretty Primavera by Thao Cosgrove. This kit has so many possibilities, it's hard to choose. Love it!

Technique: Cheap man's lifted photos:
1. Do not add a shadow directly to the photo. Instead make an exact duplicate of the photo.
2. Fill the duplicate with a medium gray color.
3. Soften the edges by about 3.
4. Transparency the now gray box to 50%
5. Stretch it to slightly bigger than the photo, just like a real shadow would be.
6. Distort the image slightly by giving it a concave shape. (I did say slightly.)
7. Now skew it slightly in the direction of the corner(s) you want lifted.
8. Move the gray box behind the photo.

Software: Microsoft Digital Image

    So Cute Love Emma's faces here pretty pretty LO

    She's such a cutie, even with that little pout. :D I like how you used the swirls and flowers. Thanks for using Pretty Primavera!
    What a great layout! The swirls add so much movement to the page, and the photos are so fun!

    I also really appreciate your instructions on the lifted photo technique. I'll have to try that.

    Thanks for sharing!
    She's a sweetie. I like the different photos you used. Looks so nice with the kit. I just unzipped that one, and it looks so pretty in your layout, it makes me want to go play with it. :) Love how you placed your elements. Beautiful layout. TFS.