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Page Kit = "Sweet Words" by Angie Briggs
Word Art = "Renew" by Shalae
Locket = "Time in a Bottle" by Lauren Bavin on another site
Ripped edges = "Torn Edges by Cheryl Barber

Technique = Cheap Man's Lifted Photos - Advanced.

1. Do not add a shadow directly to your photo. Instead, make a duplicate of your photo.
2. On the duplicate layer, fill it with a medium gray color.
3. Soften the edges slightly.
4. Transparency the now gray box to about 50%.
5. Use a concave distortion at about 5 or less. (In DIP this means choosing the convex setting and setting it to -5).
6. Stretch the gray box to slightly beyond the original photo as this now becomes the shadow.
7. Move this gray box layer behind the original photo.
8. Rotate it 1 degree.
9. Now select the original photo.
10.Choose a distortion shrink brush set at 400 (large). Gently make 1 pass just below each corner you want lifted and slightly rolled. You're working parallel to the opposite corner, if that makes sense.
11. Choose the dodge and burn brush set at -30 and size 100 (small to medium). Go over exactly where you just made the pass with the shrink brush. This makes the photo a little darker in the "bend" of the corner.
12. Choose the dodge and burn brush again, set at 30 and size 75. Make a pass just beyond the darker pass out more toward the corner edge. Now you should really see the 3D effect of the corner.

    Cool page! Love all the layers and your lifted photo! And the darling photo in the locket.
    I love the old-fashioned, kinda shabby chic look to this. Well done! Thanks for sharing.