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Paper Piecing

You'll have to excuse so many LOs of the triplets, but they are just too cute. Now that they've gone back home, I want to just squeeze them to death, so scrapping is the next best thing.


Page Kit: "Sweet Words" by Angie Briggs. I am so lovin' the versatility of this kit. The blue "hello" label is by Jamie Roussell and the fishing embellishments are from Lauren Bavin, both from another site.



Paper Piecing

1. Take any photo and cutout the subject.

2. Apply a "photocopy" filter with the paper color set as pink.

3. Change the hue so that the pink becomes a little more flesh colored.

4. Lasso one part of the clothing.

5. Make a duplicate of that part.

6. Fill the duplicate layer with a paper.

7. Use the dodge & burn brush to ink the edges. Set the brush size to about 15 and the light/dark to -100.

8. Repeat steps 4 through 8 for every little piece of clothing.

9. Put your layers in order, and apply shadows where appropriate.

10. On the face, use the colorize brush to add eye color to lips, eyes, or cheeks.

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