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Motorcycle Mama

Page Kit: "Friendship" by Thao Cosgrove. Kit is just gorgeous with vivid bright tropical colors.

"Torn Edges" by Cheryl Barber. It feels like I use these on EVERY layout.


Technique: Merging Extractions.

When you're trying to cut something out and add it to a photo, do you ever feel like it looks like a real cut and paste job? Ever wonder how the National Enquirer gets those photos that look like two people are really in the same place next to each other? Try this trick:

1. Lasso your extraction, but not right at the edge. Leave some space. Also, it doesn't have to be perfectly parallel to the edges of your extraction.

2. Duplicate/copy your extraction and add it to the other photo.

3. Now adjust the brightness/darkness of the extraction to match the other photo.

4. Now start softening the edges one pixel at a time until the extraction looks like it actually belongs in the photo.


If you think about it, even real cameras do this with every shot. Try looking at the edge of an object within any photograph. Keep getting closer and closer until you can see actual pixels. You'll see there is no clear cut edge, only a softening of the color blended outwards.


Software: Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006

Font: DSP Amanda

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Great LO - love the stack of photos and the photo in the corner. I may have to scraplift this one!! I agree, the kit is beautiful as is everything from Thao. Great job and TFS!

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oh how fun! those land vehicles always seem to make you have a smile :) the colors are great !! and thanks for the mini tutorial :)

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Love this layout. I like how you put the girls up in the corner. I am going to have to try this, thanks for the instruction.

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