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"Totally tall, totally blond - Totally Swedish!
Devoted wife, sister, daughter and friend.
Absolute shopaholic, scrapoholic, chocoholic!
Bossy, domineering and besserwisser... Hmmm...
Mostly quirky, sometimes funny, always honest.
Loves to travel, see new places and meet new people!
Must have the latest of everything!
Canít save a penny...
Collects designer-shoes, designer-purses, designer-shades -
but donít tell husband!!!
Nothing in the world can make me want to have kids...
I work too much, sleep to little and neglect my ironing.
I dream of visiting Machu Pichu, Taj Mahal, Angkor Wat
and Copacabana...
I dream of writing a novel...
I dream of being independently wealthy...
I dream of a cure to cancer...
I dream of World Peace...
I dream of dear husband..."

Background is from Ursula Schneider's "Assemblage"
Font is Crazy Blondes

    Fast, thanks for taking on the challenge! I love the warm tones here and the name of the font is perfect!
    Very, very cool!

    Love the journaling! Great job!
    you discribed yourself in funny words and frases, I like this stile of journaling a lot!

    wonderfull job done !
    This is a fun layout. Like the way you used the background paper. And not everyone has the confidence to journal across their face. Great job on this one.
    I love your journaling! What a cool way to scrap about yourself. Great page!