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20 Weeks

Shari PV Mom
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This is my first ever Digital LO. Unfortunately, at the time I didn't know to keep good records as to who's designs I was using since I didn't think I would ever post anything. As far as I can remember (and find) I used the following ingredients:


JBaechtold's Essence Collection for most everything (papers, bow, tag) (www.scrapbook.com I think)

MST_Measure Tape

Bright New Day Alpha (atomic cupcake)

Caleb (brown ribbon - atomic cupcake)

Showtime (tab - atomic cupcake)


I think that's all of it except the font which I really can't remember.

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Very nice job. You will get used to keeping track of those items as you get more practice. Wonderful job for your first layout. And as a side note...I never had a photograph of my stomach when I was pregnant. You have more courage than what I do.



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You sure this is your first??? WOW You did a awesome job!! Love the frames around the photos and everythign and the colors are great!!! TFS!

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