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Pool Life

Pool Life

Kit = Keri Schueller's "Legacy". This one is so versatile. Lots of interesting embellishments.
Font = DSP Amanda
Program = Microsoft Digital Image

Technique for beginners: Shadowing for large 3 dimensional objects.

Large objects like locks, fluffy flowers, and boxes, should always get a skewed shadow with a maximum edge softening on the shadow. If one puts a simple drop down shadow, the object will lose it's 3-d effect and look more like a cut out. As an example, take a peek at the desk you're working on right now. Look down at your cell phone and camera. Do you see the skewed, wide shadows with soft edges?

    Love the paper tear colors. It's a great color scheme for these photos!
    I love what you've done with Legacy, and I love all the tips! I'm going to go look at all of your layouts to see if there's helpful information on them all. :)