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There's a lot of kits here. I hope I don't leave one out.


A Waltz of Remember

Formal Wedding (another site)



Slice of Summer


Arizona Sunset

Earth Vessel




(And from Lauren Bavin on another site)


Idea, well actually straight lift, from Celebration Galler, Memory Makers magazine, Spring 2007, page 98, by Laura Stoller.


Technique: doodle font.


1. Make a white rectangle.

2. Use any filter which will give it texture.

3. Add a slight drop down shadow.

4. Make enough copies for the # of letters you need.

5. On each white rectangle, add a bright colored edge. Make the margins with a "square" tool and set them behind the image so the shadow on the white rectangle still shows.

6. Now position all the rectangles on your LO.

7. Choose a funky font. I chose DSP Curls, but any silly font will do.

8. With a freehand paint tool, dot around or zigzag or some kind of paint around each letter. Choose a bright color.

9. Add your shadow to the outside of all the rectangles.


Program: Microsoft Digital Image

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I really like how you added the touches of color to the black and cream background!

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