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Ick! It's beige.

Ick!  It's beige.

Most of the kit came from another site and is by Laura Bavin. Nonetheless, I couldn't resist another opportunity to use "Pretty Primavera" by Thao Cosgrove. I just can't stop using this lovely and fun kit. It goes with everything colorful.

Software: Microsoft Digital Image

Technique: Ouch! All the kits have this off white color to them lately. It's sort of a beige color. "A Waltz to Remember" is a prime example. When one changes the photos to Black and White, it doesn't look right and when one changes to sepia, it's too brown. Solve the problem by changing your photo to black and white. Then set the toning intensity to about 14 and the toning hue to 58. This leaves the black and gray hues alone, but changes the whiter colors to a soft beige. Yippee, the photos now match these cool kits! In Microsoft Digital Image, changing tones and hues in B&W can be found in B&W effects. For other programs, I believe going to color saturation will work. Check it out.

    Wow, I love the texture on that background paper. The swirls are cool, too.
    what a great job you have done here, this is lovely
    what a beautiful layout - love the colors!! great job
    I love how you made jus the center of your pics color, really cool. Thanks for the tip too!
    Great LO. I love how you placed the photos and the rest of the items. It is such a nice page.
    Very fun and cute LO. TFS the tip, too! Well done!