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Bridesmaids for Big Bro

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  • Uploaded: May 23 2005 11:04 AM
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Bridesmaids for Big Bro

This is my first layout!!! :dancingchicken:

These are my cousins, Lois and Esther, who were bridesmaids for their brother Jon last summer.

    May 23 2005 11:09 AM
    Great job! YOu are off and running!! What a great first LO!
    awww, naomi!!! its fantastic! i love the flowers.. they are a nice touch! and i see that you used your favourite font!!! i think i've seen that somewhere before!!!

    well done!!!
    Great job! I like the flowers and the feathered edge on the photo
    May 23 2005 12:43 PM
    Beautiful colors, and I love the flowers! Great job!
    What a great first LO! The colors match fabulously!
    Well done i love what you've done here the dresses go really well with the background!
    I just love the colors and they're perfect for the photo!!

    Great job! :clap:
    like a duck to water, you are! this is a great page!
    Wow, this is beautiful. I can't believe that it was your first layout! You're a natural!
    great job for your first layout! You'll be a pro in no time! Love the title up the side.