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Purple color challenge

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the photos were taken at my daughter studio & the phot-ee was Rizzo with a killer imagination of them both this is some of the photo's I really like & they come up with. I changed all their work to make the photos changed by coloring them & doing pse work on them all thou

Lots of stuff went into this LO:



EHI-Book worm embellishments -magnifying glass tape staples

ASO-fairy dust paper


Jhi -Paper curl template

DMI torn paper templates

MRE-Lifted photo templates

USC screw-bolt duct tape

Cba -paper tear template

Halley Lyn -"Idle" photos


Thanks for the challenge this one was a cool thing to do





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Guest firecracker55

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Great work on the photos. I like how you used the tape on your LO...great job!

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Guest gloomy_liv

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really nice layout :) i like the background, and the different embellishments (tape, staples, magnifying glass)...cool job :)

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