If Walls Could Talk

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I couldn't resist using Durin Eberhart's "Mixed" one more time. Awesome kit with cool embellishments. Also used embellishments from "Sparkle Curls" by Melissa Renfro, "Sweet Words" by Angie Briggs, "Time in a Bottle" by Lauren Bavin (another website), "Serendipity" by Cheryl Barber, "Resolutions" by Syndee Nuckles, and "Comfort" by Scrap Girls.


Fonts: DSP Amanda and DSP Modern Millie

Program: Microsoft Digital Image


Technique: Adding shadow to frames

This can always be frustrating because the shadowing within the frame, next to the photo, is different from the surrounding shadow outside the frame. Therefore, a simple drop down shadow doesn't quite look right. Solve the problem as follows:

1. Click on the frame and apply a soft shadow (one that goes all the way around the object) with the edge softening set to 0. Start walking the shadow inward from all 4 corners so that it no longer can be seen from the outside of the frame, but only from the inside of the frame. You'll need to walk a little uneven as each side of the shadow next to the photo should not be equal. Let your imaginary light source be the guide. Also, this shadow should be a tad darker than the surrounding shadow that comes next. Click "OK" once you're happy with the inside shadow.

2. Click on the frame again and apply a soft shadow with the edge softening set to about 50. Make it a little lighter in color than the previous shadow. Adjust the shadow by walking it inward until it seems realistic based on your imaginary light source. Click "OK".


Now you have a frame shadowed very realistically.

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I like this. that the subject is a room and not really about a person, kind of an indirect aproach to you... very busy look...

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This is very true subject if the walls of any home could talk OMG!!! Lovely dinning room thou & I like your lo rich colors seem to fit perfectly with your room


wonderful Job



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Guest LacyT

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LOL...sometimes it is better they can't!! One never knows what they could pass on that we would not want passed on. Lovely page, like all the different "stuff" you used and did!

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