New Office for scrapping

Thanks again Thao Cosgrove for the the versatile and beautiful kit, "Art Journal". I love it! Also thanks to Melissa Renfro for her "sparkle curls" I've used them a gazillion times already. Finally, I love the "Blossoms & Blooms" collection by Brandy Hackman. I used a couple of flowers from the spring collection.


Font: DSP Pat

Program: Microsoft Digital Image


Technique: How to get your tape and stickers to look realistic.

No kidding, I stuck some real tape and stickers over real photos to see what happens because every time I just digitally layered them over the edge of a photo or another embellishment, they just didn't look right. The reason is when a sticker or tape is laid over another object with an edge, an ever so slight shadowing of the edge below occurs. Therefore:

1. Place your tape/sticker where you want it to go over the edge of a photo.

2. Apply a drop down shadow just barely peaking through and with no softness.

3. Next use your dodge and burn brush. Set it to -10 or -5 brightness and make the brush very small. Now trace over your tape/sticker where the edge of the photo is underneath. The color change should be just a tad darker or a line. Now your tape/sticker should look just like you really laid it over a photo.

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Thanks for the instructions on how to do the tape, I've been wondering that! Your office is SO cool looking! Great LO!

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