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Waltz of the Flowers

Waltz of the Flowers

It is kind of simple... just not clean and graphic.

I made the Flower costumes for the dance studio where my girls danced. Each silk petal (60 per costume) is hand dyed. I made them in 2001 and didn't sleep for weeks in order to finish them on time. :)
My daughter, Annette, is the dancer on the far right.
This photo was taken Dec 2004

I used

Photoshop CS2

DMI Blue Sea Collection

DMI SS Paper Bitsy

STI Renew

SG Refresh- DMI-Sherbet

Font Scriptina

    This is lovely April! I love the colors in the LO and those costumes are amazing! Great job!
    Beautiful April. Amazing costumes.
    This is simply beautiful! Those costumes are amazing! The dancers look so graceful and beautiful! Wonderful layout! I love the pink overlay on top!
    You are one talented lady! Those dresses are beautiful! And so is your layout!
    Very striking colors! You did a beautiful job on the costumes, you certainly are gifted! The simplicity of your layout really lets your picture stand out. Great job on the challenge.
    WOW! You are an amazing seamstress! Can I get you to make my dd a Halloween costume? And the LO is so perfect! Fantastic job!
    All I can say is wow, those are gorgeous costumes and clearly a labor of love!
    Oh, April, those dresses are stunning! Beautiful!! This layout does them perfect justice...kept simple to focus on the details of that photo! Thanks for sharing!
    Beautiful LO- just like those costumes. Really pretty and delicate. Nice job!

    You've created a beautiful LO - it really emphasizes the dancers' grace and has such a nice ethereal feel. The costumes are amazing! (I hope you managed to stay awake for the recital!)