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I hate Thunder

I hate Thunder

My dog, Fiona, HATES thunder! Just recently she found a new hiding place - the clothes dryer! It's snuggly and warm, and she feels all safe and cozy...

Crumpled Paper Overlay - SG-Durin Eberhart-SSWrinkled Paper 6
Red Buttons - SG-Amanda Sok-SSEmb All Buttoned Up 1
Checkered Overlay - SG-Durin Eberhart-SSPaper Templates Urban 5
Curled Edges - SG-Jan Hicks - SSEmbell Curled Edges 1
Mama I Hate Font - OctemberScript
So I know Font - Flamboyant Handwriting

Program Used - CS2

    Oh funny, When I first looked at it I thought it might be a kennel, but then I noticed, it looked just like my dryer!!! Just wondering, how did she get the door open? :) Nice job on your layout. Especially like that wrinkled paper.
    Aww, what a sight! I like how you added the journaling across the page and your choice of fonts.
    Such a cute layout! I love the colors that you have used.

    Our dog is petrified of thunder too, unfortunately we don't have a dryer or we'd try it out, although I don't really think that a golden retriever would fit in one ...LOL

    This photo made me laugh out loud. What a cute LO.
    So funny!! ...just make sure you don't forget and close the door, lol!
    Great journaling!