Coupon Fairy Hunt

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Since people were looking for the Coupon Fairy recently, I decided to do a hunt of my own. I found a little known photo of the coupon fairy in a mystical forest. If anyone knows the whereabouts of this Coupon Fairy, please direct her to the Scrap Girls Message Board. Thanks for your cooperation!


I hope you can see the fairy. She's evidently kind of shy.


Items used:

Paper and embellishments (some flowers recolored): TCS_PrettyPrimavera

Wand: ASO_APrincessCollection

Fonts: Curlz and Bradley Hand

Text Path: VRA_SS_TypePaths_Curve-2101_4


I was having fun doing this, but I was running short on time. One must never leave the message board for long during a posting contest. :)


~Zaz, the humble devotee

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Oh My goodness! I think you captured her in a LO! How fantastic. Hope she makes an appearance soon :-) Great LO!

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After I posted that the LO came up. hahaha.. so funny.. I thought you just posted a blank. That was pretty elusive.

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Hahaha! I love it! And I'm very impressed that you found a photo of the elusive Coupon Fairy-that's really difficult!

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All that wisdom is going to your head! Come out, come out, whereever you are Coupon Fairy! Very creative! And a beautiful LO too. I was beginning to wonder if any of us knew how to do that anymore. :D

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