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You're not naming her after Carrie Nation!


© Jan Hicks

You're not naming her after Carrie Nation!

LYO ATC Brush Set
Folly Paper
Journey Embellishments
SS Tools - Styles: Inked Edges 4101 and 4102
LD Fonts Slender and Jilligraphy

    :D what can I say :D

    great job on the ATC!
    This is so fun, clever and downright scary! What a riot!
    Jun 26 2007 02:37 PM
    This image just cracks me up! The red is perfect!
    Awesome Jan! Love that color and the story is so great!
    Great job Jan!! LOve the colors and all
    This is amazing, Jan! I love the story it tells. And that picture of Carrie Nation is too much! :D
    That red is passionate, Jan!
    So your folks never told you where they came up with your name? That's a great story!
    This is great, love it! The scratches on the background paper say it all, LOL!
    Wow I love this one ! Don't understand the story, but maybe some 'googling' will help me out there ;-)

    Edit : yep, very funny, I totally understand now, wikipedia helped me out LOL I wouldn't want to be named Carrie either hahahaha !