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ATC - My Name is Brenda

ATC - My Name is Brenda

After asking my mom who she named me. She told me that when I was born there was a singer that was popular so she named me after her. She had some hit singles like 'I'm sorry' and 'Rockin Around the Christmas Tree' which is the song I chose to do my ATC.

Items Used:

correensilke fnc paper pink flower
ASO Rocking Christmas Embl Green and Pink Brads
ASO RockingXmas Embl Tag Ornament
ASO RockingXmas Embl Coaster Happy
ASO RockingXmas Embl Journal Block
ASO RockingXmas Alpha
LD NorthPole Font
Lucida Calligraphy

    I heard that song last winter when I was working retail! It's a fun song. Thanks for sharing your LO (love the pinks and greens and blues).
    Beautiful ATC! I hate to admit I know who Brenda Lee is and I remember those songs. ;)
    Lovely ATC ! And I know that song too ...... and really like it LOL One of my favourite Xmas songs !
    I love this ATC! It is as pretty as a Christmas Card!

    I also remember Brenda Lee. She was a tiny little lady with a great big voice. I loved seeing her on the Christmas specials on TV singing Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree.

    This brings back such great memories for me. Thank you.


    I was born in '51, so I grew up as a pre~teener listening to my elder sibs music! Always loved "Li'l Dynamite",
    Brenda Lee's nickname, cause she is so short, but can really belt out a song! :dancingelephant: