Daddy Take My Hand

This is a digital reproduction of a page from my daughters paper album:


The poem reads:


Daddy take my hand

and caress it while I sleep

as you marvel at the wonder

that I am yours to keep.


Daddy take my hand

as you play your games with me

Patty-cake or So-Big,

whatever they may be.


Daddy take my hand

as I cease to want to crawl,

Steady my first steps,

making sure that I don’t fall.


Daddy take my hand,

help me write my ABC’s

teach me how to spell ‘I Love you’

and count my 123’s


Daddy take my hand,

for I think that I am ready

to ride a two wheel bike,

with you to hold me steady



Daddy take my hand,

help me reach the branch up high

climb the tree with me,

until we reach the sky.


Daddy take my hand

and teach me how to dance,

hold me in your arms,

while you still have the chance


Daddy take my hand,

let me introduce my date

I’ll tell you all about it,

we won’t be home too late


Daddy take my hand

as you walk me down the aisle

as you give my hand away,

Daddy try to smile.


Now Daddy don’t you cry

as our lives may seem to part

because Daddy you alone,

will always have my heart.


The journaling reads:


Daddy's request for this picture inspired

Mommy to write this poem for him.

Taking the picture presented a slight challenge

because you did not want to open your hand.

You were 3 weeks old and sound asleep.


Embelisments: ShabbyP_Kiwi_ChromeBrad

zazou_JeT'adore_burnedge (hearts)

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Awww! Your layout jumped out at me in the gallery-that photo is Wonderful! And your poem touched my heart. Thanks for sharing!

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That's such a beautiful poem. Quite a tear jerker for me!!! Love the wee hand on the older hand!! Just beautiful!!!

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Guest jemmia

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:dancing_penguin::clapping_kitty::dancing_penguin::clapping_kitty::toot: wow this layout is amazing. The picture is wonderful but is truelly embellished and brought to reality by the poets words. This is a wonderful portrayal of how quickly our babies grow and how tender but strong a daughters relationship with her father can be, this layout is going straight to my favs. thankyou for sharing this wonderful touching tribute.

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You know you've created a fabulous page when it brings tears to the eyes of someone reading it! Great job with this!!

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This is really striking. I love the poem you wrote, and the way you laid it all out is perfect. Your baby will grow to cherish this, I'm sure!



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Beautiful! Brought tears to my eyes. Mine children 12, 19 & 20 years old so some parts of your poem are now memories for me while others I still have to look forward too. Thank you so much.

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Guest K Scrappy

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Wow, this is so great. I LOVE the poem and that picture is just amazing. It so amazing how fast they grow and aren't that small anymore. I love this!

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