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I just chatted during the High Noon Crop today, since I was working in our store...
I did this now, after arriving home.

It's my first LO from the recent Italy-trip and I took the photos in Venice.

Everything from Amanda Sok's "Mulberry Wine Collection" and "Mulberry Wine Paper Solids"
Except from the frame, which is Melissa Renfro's "Lifted Photos"

Font is P22 cezanne

    Lovely!! Makes me remember my trip with fondness! Gorgeous picture, well done!
    oh how pretty! love that light post & the stitching behind the photo & the font used! beautiful!
    This is gorgeous, Thess! I love how you've blended the photo of the lightpost into the paper. Just beautiful! :D
    STUNNING!!!! It's so beautiful!!!
    Absolutely perfect, Thess! At least you got some stunning pictures out of the deal.... ;)
    this is really beatiful, love the colours and the pic makes me want to go back again soon one day :clapping_kitty:
    Beautiful! I love the violet colors.

    Jul 19 2007 07:02 AM
    This is gorgeous! I love the softness of the layout, it makes it so romantic! Which is perfect for Venice.
    Great LO! Love that light post!
    Really beautiful Thess. I love the way you blended the lamppost into the paper.