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Becky's Ad Inspiration High Noon Crop

Becky's Ad Inspiration High Noon Crop

Fonts are SwingSet and Tohoma

Here is the ad.



    i just looked at the ad you all used!! how fun!! love this layout of your girls!! the fonts are great and i like how you put just a few words under each picture!!
    well done!
    Your girls are too cute :) I love the layout... great job.
    How cool!!!
    You got some great photos here, and I love that you kept this simple and graphic.
    this is a great layout. i love the simplicity of it, and the photos are darling!
    What great photos! Adorable!

    Such cute girls!

    great job!
    Im going to copy that idea!!!! love that page!! so may pics of kids just being kids and I never know what to do with everyday pics..... that was a good idea!