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Ben vs. the Sprinkler

Ben vs. the Sprinkler

Okay, so this started as the ad inspiration, but then when I pulled Cheryl's orange paper that matched Ben's shirt, I though...you know, those circles...I've always wanted to learn how to make curves and put text on paths and stuff. So, I did. I learned a bunch more about Photoshop today!

The pictures are of Ben's first experience with a sprinkler. He had so much fun, we bought one just like it for him when we got home.

    This is great! I love the curves.
    Jun 13 2005 11:24 PM
    He is having so much fun!
    what sweet photos, they work perfectly with the waves and circles
    love it!!! you did a great job with your curves and circles!!! btw, i am so jealous that it is hot enough for sprinklers!!
    Love his layout!!
    Its really cute!
    From my m8, I love the "Ben vs. sprinkler"
    This is adorable! I love the cartoon feel of the background, fonts and curves that you've used. What a cutie :)
    Nice job on the curves. I haven't yet learned to do any of this so I'm in complete awe ... how to draw the curves and how to do text on a path is all greek to me ... hmm.. think I just found my next challenge LOL :-)

    He's a cutie too -- love how you captured all of his expressions in the layout.
    A great page. Very fun to look at!
    This is absolutely adorable!

    LOVE how you used the photo placement from the inspiration piece.

    LOVE the colors, that aqua really POPS!

    LOVE the curved lines.

    You did learn alot about Photoshop in this one day, Jenn! Good for you!

    LOVE IT! Into my faves!
    You are my inspiration Jennifer...I'm gonna conquer that PSCS2!!

    GREAT LO! I ditto what Betsy wrote!! You ROCK!