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18 months

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This is a collage of my son highlighting his 18th month of life. The Journaling blocks read:


You are 100% boy and I love you with all I have. You are a sweet and loving little boy. I am so grateful God gave you to us.




Daaa (Dad)




What's that?


You took your first airplane ride to Calif. The trip going you did very well. Coming home was a bit more challenging. You were very tired from a busy week.


You still screech!

Boy will your Dad and I be happy when this phase passes!


I always want to remember your sweet silly faces. You are such a little poser when the camera comes out. It is so fun to take pictures of you!!!!!!


Granny taught you how to play pee-pie this month. You are so cute when you play. You cover your eyes with your hands, but peek between your fingers. Very Cute!


Credits: Maddy Frenandez Little Boy Blue Kit and What's in the Box? Curved Template Set

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