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A Mother's Worst Hair Nightmare !

A Mother's Worst Hair Nightmare !

I seriously debated if I should scrap this occasion in our life but they they say you should scrap the daily moments that happen in your life and this is one that I think happens to many of us. Read the journaling. I think it says it all. Hopefully I've put a cute spin on a not so cute occasion.


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    Oh my goodness! She has a lot of hair!! Glad you conquered the beast. :D
    I really love it! A great layout - that is a lot of fun! I love scrapping these events - they are the times that you forget and it's great to be able to show these to our kids when they are older. Now your daughter wont easily forget this experience - although with hair that is as longs as hers - I don't think you'd let her forget it. Good on you for not cutting her hair! But if you ever do (heaven forbid!) you definitely will have to scrap that event too!
    ow~poor thing! my son has gotten that before but we're talkin 9-10 inches of hair and very fine at that,still he was in crises mode for 2 hours or so~ hopefully it is behind you. and find a shampoo like herbal essances that contains witchhazel to act as a barrier in the future. or you can buy it and add it to any shampoo,it really does repell them.
    Very well documented. And if your daughter is anything like me, she will love to have the pictures to show everyone just how horrible the experience was.