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2 Stockings Each?

2 Stockings Each?

We've always had Christmas stockings on Christmas morning growing up. Somehow our kids have ended up with 2 Stockings! Not sure how that happened. :lol:

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CC is always appreciated.

    Awesome layout- and I'm not just saying that because it has a Christmas theme and a corner fold! <grin>

    Love the colors and the pics are way too cute
    Oh how wonderful! The colors and eveything about it is sure making me feel like Christmas is around the corner ..hehehehe.. Thanks for the great idea to cool me off !! hot today her in Ma.!
    Love it!
    Oooooooooo can their Santa come to my house? :rofl: I LOVE the stocking tradition and we do it every year too! Love your awesome photos! Wonderful tag and snowflakes too! :yippee: I wonder where that extra stocking is............. I know I have one somewhere! :rofl: