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ADSR Challenge 6


Polka Dot background-A.Rockwell-Breath Of Spring

Aqua Background-R. Martin-Breath Of Spring


1.Flower-Sarah Meyer-Breath Of Spring

2&3.Ricrac(pink and aqua)-T. Hernandez-Breath Of Spring

4.Glitter doodle-A. Rockwell-Breath Of Spring

5.Clip-L. Marino-Breath Of Spring

6&7.Tags(green and blue)-Leah Nicole-Breath Of Spring

8.Angel-Katherine Mhire(not sure of the name)-Breath Of Spring

9.Frame Stitching-Doreen Stolz-Breath Of Spring

10.Stick pin-Amanda Roberts-Breath Of Spring

11.Alpha title-G.Bennett-(not sure where I got this eitehr in a kit or in a grab bag)

12.Butterfly-Laura Pittman-(again either a freebie or grabbag)

13.Button on flower-scrap girls collab- Carefree

14&15.Stitching(on patterned paper)-Atomic Cupcake-Perky

16.Ricrac(green)-Shabby Princess-Festival

17&18.Ricrac(black)-W.Z.(?)-Pockets Full Of Posies



Font-CK Sassy

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This is so sweet. Loved the aunt part. I had wonderful aunts so I tried to be one to my nieces and nephews. I used to tell my niece that parents love you because they have to but aunts love you because they want to. :) I'm sure this lo will mean a lot to your niece one day.

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