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A fun layout (the first I've ever done about myself!) showing how I look with STRAIGHT HAIR!!

Journalling reads:
What a lovely evening we had on Thursday! Although it was a scrapbook night, we decided to straighten my hair and have a photo shoot! I have ALWAYS had curly hair, so I really loved my new look! When I sent a photo to Merv he said "Who the *** is that?" - he has never seen me with straight hair. But I definitely going to do this again, I felt like a movie star!

Frames: “Just Grunge frames” by Sam Ellis (Scrapbookbling)
Flower corner: “Blesses” Created by Marcee J. Duggar © 2006 The Digital Scrapbookplace.com

Font: Tempus Sans ITC

    How fun. You look great with straight hair. I have curly hair too that won't do anything I tell it too and never looks good. TFS