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1970 2 Abraham Lincoln Portrait_web.jpg

I finally got to Thursday's challenge. Thought I'd do some quilts, but decided on this instead. :) I have so much stuff I've made in my layouts already. So thought I'd go with some kindergarten art- but only because I had a story to tell about it.


Journaling reads:

"It was Febrauary 1970, Abraham Lincoln's birthday was approaching, and Mrs. Stewart had just told us all about his work as president and how he was assassinated in a theater. We were given a fresh white sheet of paper and told to draw a picture.

When they were returned to us, mine had a note to my mother on it. " Adelle, this is my favorite picture. If it doesn't go in her scrapbook, save it for me! Alice."

I was thrilled. Funny how that little note meant so much to me. I realized she thought I was incredibly insightful and that those were tears for the troubles of a divided country. (I probably heard her telling that to my mom.) I kept quiet. I was much more simplistic than that. I still remember drawing that picture. I figured he'd be crying since he'd just been hurt. Maybe I didn't listen too carefully. Looks like I drew a drop of blood coming off a little dagger."

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OOOH!! What a memory!! I got a box full of school work at my moms house, i would never have thought to scrap those! And i remember some of them!!



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Awesome April! What a meaningful creation to scrap. Thanks so much for participating in the challenge and sharing this special memory.

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