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Kitty Tunnel

Kitty Tunnel

This photo has been a favorite ever since it was taken. Just one of those funny pet photos that I finally decided to scrap.

For this page, I used:

Angie Campbell's Twilight Sky paper
Syndee Nuckles Resolutions Speech Bubble
Blushbutter's parchment journaling mat

I use MGI PhotoSuite 4. The lamp was an object included, and I just adjusted the transparency. Then I copied and pasted to add to the background. The mat around the photo is also an option within PhotoSuite.

I had a completely different idea about scrapping this LO, but then just went with the flow when actually working on it. Maybe I'll also try it the way I originally thought.

    Arn't cats funny. I have 3 and its amazing where they go. We lost one at Christmas one year and found her asleep in the christmas tree
    this is hysterical. What a classic pet shot. Love the lights. Great job on the LO. The picture says it all.
    I think I like this one better. Mostly because the photo is bigger and I like it with the blue in it to go with the background.
    THis is great Shell! I do not have a cat but I have heard stories about their mischief! Great layout, welcome to SG!
    Great Photo! I'm laughing so hard!!! Great LO too!
    What a fun photo. I like this one too. The blue ties in nicely with your background paper. Great job onthis. TFS.
    I agree Great Photo!! Gave me a chuckle!! TFS!!
    Well done for posting online, there will be no looking back now. Great cat shot. Cats are real characters aren't they? I like the one without the filter best.
    THis is so funny...I even had to pull my kids over to check out your photo! Congratulations on posting this -- can't wait to see more of what you do.
    great pic and the wonderful thing about pet pics is they dont sigh when u lift that camera again lol this is so funny and gave me my first giggle of the day many thanks for sharing of to see the other now