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Extra Extra!!

Extra Extra!!

This is a Actual Newspaper Article of me!!! I was 5 years old, and we went to a nursing home to sing Christmas Carols, I was the only one that went up to anyone and introduced myself!! and got my photo in the GCTimes....25 years later my mom still had it and scanned it thats why it looks like it...Its not the best..I have struggled with this layout for the past 6 hours on and off!! But *Shrug* i sorta like how it came out and sorta dont *L*

Did some other Changes Thanks Wendy!! Now its time for bed,,the meds are kicking in..and my wrist is killing me!!

MST)URban Gazette Used@

    I love it Mary! It's got that newspaper feel to it! I thought that was Dakota until I read what you wrote. She sure looks like you! There's no denying that kid! :D
    I have to agree I thought it was Dakota at first as well!! So you have always been a friendly sort of person even at five!!! :giggle_bear: I really like your title,gives the LO a real newspaper feel.
    What a cool memento from your past!! I think the LO looks pretty cool :) Nice job!
    what a neat layout, love this and proves that you have always been a little social butterfly and can talk to anyone lol :clapping_kitty: you were obviously a confident young lady :clapping_kitty:
    I really like how you put this together. Definitely has a newspaper feel. The extra color in the title sets it off. It's nice that someone caught your moment on film!
    I like the whole newspaper feel of the LO. I also like your journal box and the font you used for the year.
    Thanks everyone!! This was a hard LO to complete, i must of changed it 8 times, Wendy really helped me with this. But glad I got it done!..Thanks for all the great Comments!!
    I see you were up as late as I was last night! I was also several hours struggling with a layout. The time you spent on this one really paid off! The scanned images look great and I love the title - with the touch of red. This LO really works!
    Great job on this one! All your work really paid off!
    Cool layout, Mary! And like everyone said, Dakota sure does look like you! :D