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Chocolate IceCream

Chocolate IceCream

This was my first layout. It took me forever to do. I used PE4 and some online freebie kits and elements. I did not know at the time to keep track of the files I used. Sorry!

I had fun removing most of the color from the images, and in the end I liked how it came together with a monochromatic feel.

Not a great page but not too bad for my first attempt either. It was enough to get me hooked.

    Really, really nice job for a first posted layout. The monochromatic works really well.
    I think this is a great LO!!!! Especially as a first. I really like the way you have taken the photos and the way you have used the swilrs. Look forward to seeing more of your LO's
    I think that is a great page for a first timmer. My girls and I LOVE chocolate so this title caugth my eye. Happy digi-scrapbooking!
    I think it is a wonderful LO! Nice job! I like the chocolate color to go with the theme! The smiles you captured just had to be scrapped!
    I think this is a really great layout. Definitely doesn't look like your first. I haven't even begun trying to desaturate photos yet. I need to try it. I love the way it looks.
    This is a great LO love the way you worked with the color!
    Great job on your first layout! Love the colors! Beautiful photos!
    I love your title and chocolatey monochromatic color...great page!
    I think this is awesome for a first time layout! I love the chocolate mono-chromatic feel! Can't wait to see more now that you are addicted!
    Lovely. Nice use of colour - and a couple of cuties in the pics too.