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Never Mind, Go On!

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I just had to share this with y'all here. It is because of Scrap Girls that I have branched out and done some things I'd never though of doing before. This is my entry for the 9th challenge of the Amazing DigiScrapping Race. I had so much fun doing this one!


Journaling reads:

Salvation Army bands are either really, really good, or they’re bad. I don’t know I’ve ever found one in between. Our little Corps band was really, really good. And we were unique - we were an Explorer Post, the first in the US to officially charter girls into the Boy Scouts. Explorer Post #4 - Huntsville, Alabama Salvation Army Band. Because we were unique we did lots of concerts - some fun, some work, some we even got dinner like the Boy Scout Annual Dinner in 1971. I was 16 years old, a Junior in High School and unofficially the Deputy Bandmaster of our band. My brother hadn’t yet become the exquisite trumpeter he would become, so the Bandmaster needed to play sometimes. I got to direct and loved every minute of it.


This particular night, God was exercising His incredible sense of humor. My baton got left behind and I had to use the Bandmaster’s which was twice as long - much too long for me. We were all ready, smart in our bright red tunics. I signaled to raise the instruments, drew the baton up and over my head for the downbeat and prepared for the sound of beautiful music.


It was not to be. To my absolute horror and complete humiliation, a lady chose just that moment to walk behind me, not noticing the menace of the baton. It promptly snagged in her wig, lifting it off her head and sending it flying across the band straight into the tuba as it belted out the great ringing notes of our first number. Needless to say, the sound was not beautiful. It sounded more like a scalded, frightened cow. The room erupted in laughter. I blushed to the tips of my toenails and begged the floor to please just swallow me whole. This gracious lady calmly walked over, fished her wig from the tuba and, much to the tuba player’s amazement, put it on, smiled hugely at me and went her way. I have never been the same!


Kits: Smudgy Grungy Grids by Cindy Irvine, curly ribbon from Sheer Textured Ribbons by Barb Speck, tag from Sunwashed Linens by the NDISB design team.

Fonts: Rub This!, Stickons Two, Antique Type

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This is quite possibly the funniest story I've heard all year. I love the collage effect and all of the layers to your page... but the journaling takes the cake!

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I'm still laughing, what a story to have lived.

bet when it happened you never thought, in a millon years, you'd be telling the story

on the web!!


Like the background. Great LO.

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What an amazing story to share let alone have been in!!! It is funny now but oooh I bet you were embarassed at the time. What a wonderful lady to just carry on like that and to give you a big grin. ove the background paper youhave for this. TFS

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