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I just love Keri Shueller's "Afterglow". The swirls are romantic and fun. The colors are brilliant with lots to choose from. In addition, I used Melissa Renfro's "Lifted Photos". To think I used to do these myself with each layout. I like Melissa's much better.


Technique: Adding the hint of photos to the background paper:

1. Take any photo and add a colored pencil-like filter. Make sure you adjust it so the "paper" is very bright white. Also, you may have to make the pencil width a little smaller and the pressure very high.

2. Add this photo to your background paper of your scrapbook page.

3. Use an uneven transparency so that the edges become very faint, even non-existent.

4. Apply more transparency to the entire photo so that it is just a faint illusion on your background paper.

5. Place and size it as you normally would any photo.


Program: Microsoft Digital Image.

Recommended Comments

Cute layout. I really like the photostrip and the stack of photos too. And the shark in the background looks really nice. Great job.

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Fantastic! Love it! It immediately went into my 'scrap lift' folder to play with later. I love everything about this layout -- the bright colors are fun and are a great juxtaposition to the 'scary' theme. Really love the way you put the photo on the background. Thanks for the 'how to' on that. Very much apprecaited. The photo layout works very nicely -- it's hard to get 4 pics on a page well. Great job!

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