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The last days of Summer

The last days of Summer

The inspiration for this page is from Loricrops amazing page Laughs I deff scrap lifted this page!!!! I used KPertiet's Snap Frames, DayDream Paper, brushes from Jason Gaylor, je frameit grunge, and the fonts JumpStart and VaguelyRepulsive.

My journaling reads: The summer is almost over, so my amazing
friends met me at Silver Dollar City
for a super duper fun, wet day toghether.
Itís a fact: These people make me so HAPPY

Hope you like these pages, they make me happy! : )

    What an awesome page! I went back and looked at Loricrops' page that you said was your inspiration...and I've got to say...THESE ARE TWO WONDERFUL PAGES...a little alike and yet each very unigue! Great job!
    Love the colour scheme. Really helps the photos pop!
    Love this!!! I am partial to blk and white!
    So cool! I'm impressed and flattered all at the same time! I love the way you put some grungy on your paper and I like the designfruit you used and you look like you had a great time with your buds! You ROCK!