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Growing up

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KSC Vintage Nursery Collection

ABR day to day life stiching

BHA Blossoms Spring


Used MRE SS LO Tiled Funky, but edited it alot! :)





CC always welcomed!




**sorry my sad attempt at a word art... im thinking of changing it... but will work on that later. its supposed to be "dont go through life, Grow through life" Im not so sure i like the finished product of this page. I wanted it to be an intro page too, but ... any suggestions are welcomed...

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Love how you arranged the photos and I love the background and embellishments. I'm a little confused on how the title is supposed to read though. Is it "Don't Go Through Life, Grow Through Life"? Beautiful LO Angela. Thanks for starting us off on this journey!

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I totally could read your word art but I can also see how it can be confusing. I guess my brain works the same way as yours. LOL


Love the photos and the LO! Great job!

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I agree with Zaz that you have a very similar expression on those two pictures. Nice grouping of pics. I didn't have trouble reading the word art -- and like the quote.


Mary Elizabeth

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Wow look at your blonde hair, very pretty. Just a thought, but what about adding the ages you were under each photo. Great start to your album.

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