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Life Is Messy


© Launa Valente

Life Is Messy

This LO is of a little boy that LOVES to be messy! It was really fun to do a LO of a boy, I had to go out to the boutique to buy some boy stuff! Oh, well!! LOL!!

Supplies are in META

    I just have girls too but you sure did a good job scrapping this little guy and making it look like playing in the dirt must be fun!
    Love the word art/title. Also love the string holding your journal paper. Last, but not least, I really like that filmstrip too. Nice work!
    Very nice LO. Great use of the film strip. I love how you placed it over the seam between the two background papers.
    Such a typical boy! I love these pictures! I also love the hand written font on the note paper for your journaling. Too cute!
    Love the jeans and corduroys! Perfect for rough and tumble boy play! Great!
    This is a great LO! Great job on getting the journaling to line up on the paper lines just right! Love how you hold the paper on with the string fastener too! And I love the filmstrip! Blue and red are the perfect colors for boys! I dress my 3 mo old son in those colors all the time! Great job!

    Great layout...Love the filmstrip of photos!
    Love the photo strip! The denim is awesome! Great layout! Looks like he's having tons of fun!
    Oh, Lukie.....VERY typical and you did a great job on everything. I love the denim :2468who-do-we-appreciate: since I wear so much of it. Keep those great LO's comming!
    What a great LO! I just took my son to a Messy Party where 20 toddlers all ran around throwing cooked pasta, rice, pudding and flour at each other. It was funny to watch them go from clean to totally sticky and covered with flour.