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Covering a Composition Book

Covering a Composition Book

This is so cool!
I just had to try digi-scrapping my own comp. cover after reading about this in one of
Ro's recent newsletters. I was in desperate need for new designs. I tried this and it worked.

For more about this see messageboard link below,
I covered a Composition Book

TFL :2468who-do-we-appreciate:

    I love the queen quote. I also love the footprint flip flops!! thanks for sharing

    Really cute. Great quotes and pretty colors. Love the way you've made this project easier. Going to have to let my girls in on it for their Science and Anatomy composition books. :) Thanks! Nice job on this.
    I love both of those quotes! (Of course I also love English history and Victoria was one fascinating woman!) :D Great job on the cover! Can't wait to see more!
    Love the flip-flops!! Thanks for sharing this! I have a stack of these comp books on my desk, just waiting to try out this project. :)
    Really like the quotes and the shoes, very nice!
    Nice job and thanks for the hint on printing on post-it paper.
    This is really cute! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Oh this is great! I also love the flip-flops and the queen's quote!
    This is really neat! I like how everything looks so touchable...almost 3D. I may try this as a Christmas gift to my mom who journals quite often.