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Trip to the Emergency Room pg 2

Trip to the Emergency Room pg 2

Pg 2 of the layout of my oldest DS--who broke his elbow giving our youngest a piggyback ride. We've been planning to go back home to visit family for months, and he was such a trooper and wanted to go, broken elbow and all. Poor Baby!!

I used PSE 5
BLP Scallop Frame (Customer Freebie)
TKA Fire Station Concrete Paper


    Excellent journaling! Great job all around.
    Oh goodness! What a trooper! I love all the pictures you took! He's going to love this when he older! Badge of honor for a kid! Your two page layout with the journaling in the middle looks great!
    Oh what a trooper! It's so great that you scrapped all of that! Great job getting all of that journalling in!
    Oh I agree... the journaling is excellent! Very nice!
    Same here, the journaling is wonderful. Poor baby and what a trooper! I love the colors and frames you chose for these pictures. Excellent layout.
    ahh! what a sweetie~ great 2 pager