what do i do now?

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Today is my 18th Birthday and I just had these thoughts... my journaling reads: I'm growing does that mean I can't: Call people silly goose, sit on the floor during a boring conversation, run around without shoes on, color during church. Does that mean I can: Drive, show a photo id, use knifes, get free samples at sams by myself, vote, work at kanakuk , ride in the church elevator.


I used the fonts Vaguely Repulsive and Kartoone Solid, ebacon teal and coffee embellishment, corigammon acidblu paper.


: )

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I agree with Linda, love the musing and also a very happy birthday. Looking forward to seeing the birthday LO's. :disappearing-smilie:

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I love the colors you used here and the 2 lists (did your sister teach you that!?)


I love you and how you're getting so old. You my bud!

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