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9-1 Color Challenge: Purple

First of all let me say thanks you to all of you Scrapgirls who let us express ourselves here. Whether it be joy, awe, bravery, craziness or sadness. Somehow all of these things come out of us in our layouts. How can it not, since art is an expression within itself?

Thanks for letting me be a part of it.

inferior is an excellent word for describing how I am feeling at this point in my life. so far 2oo7 has been to say the least, a most humbling experience. Certainly one I hope to grow from & learn my place in this life.

Some people worry
that artificial intelligence will make us feel
inferior, but then, anybody
in his right mind should have an inferiority
complex every time he looks at a flower.
~Alan C. Kay

Info in META

    Beautiful work once again Brandy!!! Lovely take on the challenge. I so love how you do that blending of your face coming through the photos. Very clever technique.
    Brandy you never cease to amaze me...your layouts are an inspiration for me! This is so very beautiful! Excellent layout!
    This is a very powerful statement. I love the simplicity of the photo and the faded image of the face. The quote you have used is beautiful and works so well with your journalling. You've definitely wowed me again!

    Mary Elizabeth

    PS I love the look of your title font.
    From the thumbnail in the gallery, it looks as though the "inferior" title is eyelashes, and the blending you've done here with the flower and the face (yours?) is excellent. I think that this is a superior layout! I also think that your journalling is something you are not alone in feeling - may you find your "place" soon. :)
    Beautiful!!! Love that photo and your quote! Thanks for sharing, Brandy! :)
    Very beautiful. The brush over the eye is wonderful, as are your colors and blending. Your journaling is beautiful as well.
    thanks for sharing

    Oh my gosh!!! This took my breath away. I love your blending. The whole piece is stunning.
    To create such a tender and beautiful page there must be alot of beautiful inside...hold on and keep sharing!
    Bandie this takes my breath away. It is so beautiful and soft. The sentiment is one we can all identify with I'm sure. Really love what you did with this. You are an inspiration.
    Love the blending of your face into the background. Nice lo