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This is a picture of a Columbine that I took when we visited Yosemite in May.

CC is always welcome!!


Supplies are in META


© &copy Launa Valente

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You've done a great job on this one, Launa. The colors are soft and gentle, which contrasts well with the high-impact photo. The brushing is great and adds some real interest. I'm not in love with the placement of the 'definition' part. Maybe make it smaller so that it fits all on one line of type? Or you could even type that second line on its own line and move it over to the right side, so that it looks like more than just typed out straight. Looks good! :)

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Lovely Layout......your choice of papers don't overpower the beauty of the flower...they complement each other very well. That is a very cool looking flower...it almost looks like two flowers, one on top of the other. Great job!

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