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The Arbor.jpg

The Arbor.jpg

I had tears in my eyes as I finished this LO. We built the arbor, planted roses that were 3" tall slips that arrived by mail, and then watched them grow. Little did we know that teasing our daughter would come true when she really did get married and have her reception in our yard, greeting her guests under the rose arbor.

Journaling reads:
The Story of the Arbor
Several years ago, we built a rose arbor. We teased our daughter that she couldn't get married until the roses reached the top of the arbor. This year, the roses reached the top of the arbor.

A special thanks to TSC for her beautiful Wedding Kit. This layout would never have worked without the rose petals.

TCS Affection paper
TCS Sketchbook pencil brush
TCS All About Marriage Biggie- Petals and Roses on ARBOR font
EHI Bookworm Biggie - Photo corners

Font- Scriptina- off the internet
C_Abram Twig Alpha - Freebie off the internet
Thonna Penner- Book of Me - Old book cover with ribbon

    Absolutely gorgeous - Your daughter and the roses!

    Such a beutiful LO. Wonderful!!
    Your daughter is beautiful, the LO is beautiful, the arbor is beautiful!
    wonderful page~ I have the measley 2 year old roses right now but my sis gave me an arbor she bought for the wedding and didn't use so one day maybe mine will look as sweet~ mine are old fashion yellow roses~
    I can see why you had tears...she is gorgeous...this layout is gorgeous....and I know you must be one of the happiest mom's in the world. May she always be happy.
    OK, all of your layouts are beautiful - so is your daughter & your Arbor - stunning! Just had to say it.

    Also, thanks for letting me see what you did with your journaling - adding it to the description. Great idea - thanks!