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Little Bird.jpg

Little Bird.jpg

Cheecks flushed and sweaty from playing, Lincoln stopped for an instant to watch a little bird.

This was a candid snapshot that I just had to scrap because of his expression.

Paper- KSC Gathered Beauty
Flower- BHA Persian Breeze Embellishments
Leaf- EHI Bookworm Biggie
Cardboard- TCS- Hodgepodge Collage
Ribbon- ASO Folded Ribbon - Freebie

Other Credits
Bird and Brush, Rhonna Farrer- 2ps PeechyKeen Kit

    Wow this is so stunning. Great job on this.
    I love your LO. The photo is beautiful, like the cool treatment, and how well your colors and elements go together.
    Awesome LO, very cool!!!
    Now YOU KNOW how good this is, right? I love when the picture says absolutely everything. Great job on the photography and capturing this moment. It is magical the way you scrapped it as well, but his sweet cherub face is the real magic here! BEAUTIFUL!
    I LOVE his little red cheeks against the cool blue background. This is very well done. Thanks for sharing. It almost makes me wish my boys were little again!
    Wow, what a gorgeous LO! The simplicity of it really leaves you just watching your little man, and wondering what he was looking at!
    Oh wow , this is gorgeous -love he little bird brush and his expression is priceless
    This is adorable!!!
    I love extracting photos of people from the background, and the way you've done this is beautiful. Please let me know what technique you used to feather the outline around Lincoln. Great LO, great photo, great job.

    So beautiful! I love the way you decided to make Lincoln the sole focus of the layout ... nothing else to distract!