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Respect (Memory Makers)

Respect (Memory Makers)

This layout is special to me - not only because of what I wrote about my son, but also because my son himself really values the layout. :)

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You wanted to play football this year. I mean, you really wanted to play.
But when the school level failed in May and football fees jumped to over $400 -- well, we just couldnít stomach that.
So we told you no -- you could not play football unless the levy passed on the August ballot and the fees were lowered.
Your acceptance was impressive.
You didnít complain once, even though you knew there was no guarantee that the levy would pass.
And you didnít complain even though waiting for the election meant youíd be a month behind the other boys in practice, and youíd have to work your tail off to earn your place on the team.
But what impressed me the most was this: you knew I had concerns about the levy and about the fiscal management of the schools. And not once did you ask me to vote to pass the levy.
On the contrary. You encouraged me to vote according to my beliefs, even though a failed levy meant you wouldnít play football.
Encouraging me to vote my convitions even though it meant you wouldnít be able to do the one thing wanted with all your heart -- thatís not the behavior of a 12 year old boy. Thatís the maturity of a man.
Austin, you didnít just impress me. You earned my respect.
You may not yet understand the significance of earning your parentís respect, but I do.
I do.

School Levy Results
05/02/06 failed by 19 votes
08/08/06 passed by 663 votes

    This is awesome!!! What wonderful journaling and I love the photo. Nice work.

    WOW!! The journaling is great!!! Really had me readint till the very end!! I wish all 12 years old would be like your son!!! Great layout!!!
    You have a very grown up 12 year old. I admire what he did for you and for himself. I hope he contintues to stay that way through the rest of his school years. Amazing layout! I really love how you have the grid, but not on him...I'm still trying to figure that one out... =0) I really love this layout.
    Susan, this one is my favorite of the three! I really love the color against the B&W and, of course, your journaling!
    What beautiful heartfelt journalling!! Wow that is one son to be very very proud of!!! This is a awesome tribute LO to him. Thanks for sharing it with us.
    He is so mature for a 12 yr old, you must be very proud of your son. Great layout too!
    This LO is beautiful on more than just the visual level. What special journaling. I feel so proud of your son and for you for raising a young man like him. Such a great job!