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Pavement Ends (MM)

This layout is special to my DH (because of what it says about us) - and that makes it special to me. :)



Like the sign says | Pavement Ends

Our summer trip added 6,374.6 miles to the Suburban's odometer. Many of those miles were on dirt roads. Old logging roads, gravel county roads, national park roads, dirt roads through the prairie -- the best miles were definitely out past where the pavement ends.



Day to Day Life Collection (ric rak)

fonts are Arial and Bodini

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I love the white background too, it really makes everything stand out! And what beautiful country, those are the kind of trips I love too!

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FANTASTIC Susan!!! If you don't mind may I scrap lift this!!!! Its going into my favourites. I have SUCH a hard time scrapping white space but this just looks so polished and eye catching!!

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This is stunning - maybe in part because of it's simplicity! Love all the white space. Your photos are great and I love the green that compliments the grass in the pics. Wonderful!

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