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Finally found all the freebies I have been collecting...This was a tough one..but that is good Patty Anne!! Keeps us on our toes!


Journaling here tells the "story":

Brian & Blain are always laughing together!

They are cracking up at each other all of

the time. I could barely get a

serious shot of them, but it was hilarious......

Finally, I just gave in and started to

laugh too! It was good therapy! As the

old saying goes, “if you can’t beat ‘em....

join em”!


July 2007

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WOW- I love how you recolored things to suit your purpose. You did a great job. This is a fabulous photo. I like the angle and how natural it is. This is a striking page- super job.

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oh my heck!! im astounded... i think i have to add this to my favorites.. you do such beautiful layouts Brandy!!




Oh my heck! LMBO!!! Sorry Angela, don't mean to laugh but you just made my day with that saying!


Anyway - Brandy, I really love this layout. The photo is amazing - your title so eye catching - and your "alterations" perfect! I love everything you did here - great choices of freebies, great colour combinations - the whole thing really suits the photo. Well done!

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Guest gloomy_liv

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Brandy - that layout is fantastic!!! A really nice photo, grouped with a great selection of supplies. Well done :)

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