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Character-Sat Color Challenge 9-6-07

First of all..thanks Elizabeth for the great color challenges. We can all get stuck in "color mode" and you always snatch me out!

Here's my layout for your challenge today!


My sister wanted me to come take some pictures of my neice this summer. I went down thinking ok, I'll get some sweet little girly pictures...ummm "NAH"

She wasn't having any of that! She kept coming out in these strange "get-ups"...lol "take a picture of me in this Aunt Brandy!" Sometimes you just go with it!




aunt brandy with the camera sure does give you an excuse to ham it up! This

was my favorite look...shall we call it bohemian chic? nope..no sweet lil

girly pictures for you, but then , you have your own style this is for

certain. It is what makes you unique and most of all

the most special girl. I will always treasure

these few pictures more than any “girly” ones I will ever take.


Thanks for looking!




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Oh, Brandy! How CUTE! I just love the whole look of the layout with the file card & all. You have captured more than her silly photo, you have captured the spirit of the child! Great job. Just precious.

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Wonderful, Brandy! I love it! And I can relate. My nephew is just the same when it comes to taking pictures. Either he is wearing odd outfits, making strange faces or your would think that he is being tortured.

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Funny layout! I have to tell you, the thing that caught my eye was the grin. I'm glad you kept things simple, because this is one of those 1000 words pictures. My husband was standing over my shoulder and we both started laughing because if our youngest son were a girl he would look EXACTLY like your niece. He was toothless for 4 1/2 years (had a dental nightmare. . .) and he wears the same glasses. I like the crazy get-ups- you can tease her when she's a teenager!

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This is way cool... all that white space, the way you journalled around her face, the ghost impression on the right, and I LOVE that title! I struggle with titles, yours is art.

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I love what you've done with this photo. Looks like you not only made her face BW and clothing color but also cut her out of whatever background was there (or dimmed it so much as to not distract). Makes for the perfect area for the journaling. I also love the creative way you put the title in (mine are always pretty straight forward and for lack of a better word boring). Thanks for being inspiration for me to try more creative things.



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