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My Top 10 (Today)

My Top 10 (Today)

I was thinking that my top 10 changes..well...umm frequently..lol so I had to add a disclosure :P

Journaling reads: I reserve the right to change this list without prior notification to any party. I do this as my self appointed right as a woman to change her mind on a whim

Other than that my layouts are starting to look alike..I need a "Marnie" kick in the rear!


Info in META

    Oh I love this!! That journaling is so great - and so true for most of us I'd think. I love the trip of the photo. Your title is whimiscal and so nice. And I love your list in the hanging transparent cirlce. I guess I love everything about it!
    Wow! Absolutley gorgeous! I love how you did your favorites all in different typestyles and I love the journaling. Very cool.
    Just beautiful! Way to go with a multi-tasking layout!! Wonderful work.

    Beautiful Layout Brandy!! Love the transparent circle and all..Great job and TFS!!
    This is BE-YOU-T-FULL! I like your subtle color variations on your photos, the word-art journalling in the glass, the wings on your '10' for your flighty top 10 list, and the overall color scheme is so pretty.
    Brandy i love it! as always.. dont i say that every time? lol... i found myself slowly enjoying every aspect of your layout.. first my eyes went straight to the clause.. then drifted to read all your top ten, then i took a moment to enjoy the photos.. then my eyes stepped back to enjoy the whole.... wow! what an experience... very nice

    You're so cute, you crack me up! Another great LO!
    Hey! That's not fair! Angela took the words right out of my mouth! I'm calling the comment police right now! :D
    oh Shari! and I thought she had taken them out of MY mouth. :disappearing-smilie:
    Once again Brandy very very lovley!!! Love the way you have the 10 things in the hanging ornament like that.
    WOW! This is so elegant and I love the clause! Absolutely stunning!